Praise for The Defiant Optimist™

"...her passion flows through The Defiant Optimist, inspiring women and girls and reminding them of the power they hold if they only dare to dream."

- Dr. Judith Rodin, Former President of the Rockefeller Foundation and Former President of the University of Pennsylvania

"... timely, necessary, and most importantly, empowering for all who want to create change, however small."

- Professor Muhammad Yunus, Founder of Grameen Bank, Nobel Prize Winner, 2006
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…The author, respectful of long held traditions, embraces change as a ‘defiant optimist’. She shares her confident belief that it is possible to work towards a more inclusive world and also create financial markets for sustainable enterprise. Ms. Shahnaz carefully balances traditions and innovation, shares twists and turns, setbacks and many successes…


5 Star

…This one truly inspiring and sobering example is author Durreen Shahnaz who lives and breathes — and who succeeds — by doing different!: in a long accepted cultural pattern her dear mother wished Durreen would just conform and stay home, but on the contrary! Then after Smith and Wharton, Durreen was the first Bengali woman who worked in — and then chose to abandon — Wall Street!…

Judith Asphar

5 Star

…Impressive & Inspiring are the words to describe Durreen Shahnaz, the little girl who changed her birth status of “disappointment” (of being the fourth female child to her parents) to “defiant optimist” and all throughout her personal and professional womanhood found a way to make her own rules. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to redefine existing sectors….

Lubna Kabir

5 Star

…I love this book — it prompted me to pause, reflect, & jot down notes, filling me with deep inspiration. I found myself relating to Durreen’s observations & experiences, connecting with her passion on a personal level. This book entered my life at just the right moment….

Akshita Sharma

5 Star

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The Defiant Optimist

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